KTM Strider PREbike

The KTM Strider PREbike... your toddler will say, "Just like Daddy's dirtbike!" Designed for children, ages 1 - 5, the KTM Strider™ PREbike is lightweight, easy to control and features an adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate a growing child. Most importantly, the Strider teaches your child balance, coordination and develops glittering confidence. And the Strider is steady, stable and safe. At the first feeling of instability, your child will instinctively place his feet securely on the ground. So there are no "tricycle tip-overs" or "training-wheel wobbles" that stir-up a fear, hesitancy, or dislike of bike riding. Parents will be happy to learn that the Strider's assembly is a breeze. So buy a Strider and give your child a safe, confident bike riding experience

Suggested Retail:   $139.99  
Your Discounted Price: $129.99
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